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Young Rwandan woman’s success

Young Rwandan woman’s success story in producing banana

Claudine Nyiramana 22, a young woman farmer from Karongi District in western province of Rwanda uses banana farming to make her success story.

How she started

After finishing primary school she did not continue her studies, she spent most of the time helping parents on the farm at the age of 17, and she used high quality seeds and applied fertilizers timely.

At 17, she started a banana business, and producing banana beer and sell green bananas as a wholesaler

“I use part of my income to pay school fees for my siblings, I use other part to sustain my business activities I have 2 full-time workers who help me in my activities. I support my neighbors by sharing modern farming skills” Nyirimana said

This business enabled me to turn my dream into reality where it helped me to buy a land and cows and every month I earn 300.000 Rwandan Francs.

Why you venture into Agribusiness sector?

I love agribusiness because my parents are farmers and I used to work together with them in the farm and it requires hard work but it pays off well. The second I observed that most of farmers are the old people, I venture in agribusiness in order to change mind set of young generation and inspire other youth, through encouraging them to take up all opportunities available in the sector.

Advice to youth seeking to join agri-business

I encourage the youth to engage in the agribusiness sector it is the best way to contribute to the national development and personal development simultaneously

She added that one doesn’t need to have all the skills necessary to start his/her own business, as long as they are willing to learn. The young woman calls upon youth not to give up or even always expecting their parents to provide everything to them, but rather to look for economic activities they can be engaged in.


In 2012, The Government of Rwanda partnered with UNDP to initiate the YouthConnektprogramme that is a multifaceted youth empowerment model focused on leveraging youth employability, entrepreneurship and civic engagement through innovation with a specific mission to serve as portal of connecting youth with their peers, role models, skills and resources for their socio-economic empowerment.