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A Rwandan entrepreneur on turning pumpkins into profit
For many years, pumpkin was regarded as one of the less important crops in Rwanda. To change this mindset, Marie Ange Mukagahima began extensive research on pumpkin processing to see how more value could be added to the product beyond making soup
Young Rwandan woman’s success story in producing banana
Claudine Nyiramana 22, a young woman farmer from Karongi District in the western province of Rwanda uses banana farming to make her success story. After finishing primary school she did not continue her studies,
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In 2012, The Government of Rwanda partnered with UNDP to initiate the YouthConnektprogramme that is a multifaceted youth empowerment model focused on leveraging youth employability, entrepreneurship and civic engagement through innovation with a specific mission to serve as portal of connecting youth with their peers, role models, skills and resources for their socio-economic empowerment.