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JMV Habiyaremye

Former street child makes a fortune from horns

The reaction of most of people when at a horn's store, What a smell!! But you could be missing out on a life-changing opportunity if you still have such views. said Jean Marie Vianney HABIYAREMYE. 

Habiyaremye is a former street child who has found hope in crafting the hitherto neglected and dumped horns into first-class handicrafts, including ornaments. 

Mr. Habiyaremye is the founder of Cow Horns Rwanda that has been in business for 3 years and it is known for handcrafting Rwandan cow horns jewellery and homewares, which are crrently being sold in 4 big shops with kigali. These shops include Simba Supermarket Kicukiro & Kimironko, Heaven Hotel -Kiyovu and The Shop Kimihurura.  

After benefiting from the YouthConnekt bootcamp package, he emerged among best innovations and went back home with 500,000 Rwf as an award. This enabled him to hire and train 2 additional employees, bought 3 machines and increased his raw materials to reach a bigger market. Beside YouthConnekt, Mr. Habiyaremye attended various business development courses and trainings that positioned him as the Young Enterpreneur of the Year by RDB in 2018. 

Now, his business expanded to Japan and the United States of America.




In 2012, The Government of Rwanda partnered with UNDP to initiate the YouthConnektprogramme that is a multifaceted youth empowerment model focused on leveraging youth employability, entrepreneurship and civic engagement through innovation with a specific mission to serve as portal of connecting youth with their peers, role models, skills and resources for their socio-economic empowerment.